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Adult dating kiss chance

Lucas‘ megaphone shtick had me in stitches, though I was concerned he may have concussed himself with the head rattling “!” I realized some the guys had done their homework when Alex danced into my life with a vacuum cleaner like I had in my introduction on Nick’s season. totally made up for the awkward moment we shared at After the Final Rose by marching back into my life with an entire band.I knew the next time I came back everything in my life would be different.My sister Constance was midway through her pregnancy with her second child and saying goodbye to her and her growing family reminded of the ultimate goal: creating my own family.I got the feeling some of the girls were already picking out who they wanted me to send home so maybe they’d have a chance to date them on the next season of ].

When I first arrived at the mansion to meet Nick I was skeptical, and yet somehow found myself falling in love anyway.As I sit down to write this first blog a million things are rushing through my head.It still feels so surreal that I’m the newest Bachelorette.RELATED VIDEO: By the time the last man had entered the mansion, it was clear I had a diverse group of guys which was perfect because I seriously don’t have a type.At that moment I realized one of these guys could be my future husband. I was more nervous for the cocktail party than the limos because now I had to actually talk to 30 men!

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RELATED VIDEO: The Most Memorable Entrances from I was so excited for the limos to pull up it (almost) overcame my nerves.

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